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2011-10-14 10:10 pm

Odd Friday

Hmm, I guess I remember how this works. It's been a while since I posted anything.

As I pulled away from the curb this morning, something beeped at me. I backed up, and looked around, and realized that my parking brake was still on. Yet another warning sound my car makes, I guess. So as I re-started to execute a 3-point or "Y" turn, a local police car came rolling down the street. He had to wait for me, and then, because of a parked car, I had to wait for him to pass me before I could proceed. He pulled up along side me and made the "roll down your window" sign. Which I did, of course. He said, "How do you like that car?"

"It's fine," I replied, a little surprised.

"Good mileage?"

"About 31."

"Low maintenance?"

"I've only had it a few months. I bought it used in May. No problems so far. They're supposed to be reliable."

"Yeah, that's what they say. I bought one for my son. I was just curious." And with that he continued on his way. And me on mine.