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I saw the movie District 9 on Sunday. I liked it a lot (maybe a trifle slow at points). It's a bit gory at times; it doesn't bother me, but it's enough to keep [ profile] athenais away.

Today I finished season 2 of the Veronica Mars DVDs, loaned to me by [ profile] koroshiya (Thanks!). I really like it, though season 2 has so many characters and plotlines, it is hard to keep everyone straight. And there is a continuing geek girl character nicknamed "Mac"; coincidence?

I took the day off, sort of as comp-time, after successfully coordinating a partial computing outage on Tuesday. Everything went well, the electricians completed their work ahead of schedule. Then on Wednesday, I smelled the odor of hot electrical equipment. Turns out it wasn't any of the circuits involved in Tuesday's work, but another big transformer. It has some connections that are heating up. Our electrical engineer says it's not an emergency, but it will probably need service within a month. That means another partial outage. Someone else's turn to coordinate an outage, as far as I am concerned.

Date: 2009-08-28 06:10 pm (UTC)
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sadly, season 3, while okay, isn't as awesome. but they might be doing a movie at some point, i think.


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