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The short version: I got new shoes in Gilroy.

The long version: I've been wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars since the early 1990s. (Before that I was wearing Converse Jack Purcell's; I think they discontinued them for a while, which caused me to switch.) My normal shoe size is 12, but Converse shoes run a little large, so 11.5 is a good fit. Then three or four years ago, I suddenly couldn't find my size in the local stores. Size 11 is definitely too short for me, and with my narrow feet, 12s are too big.

So I hit eBay and stocked up on 11.5 Chuck Taylors in various colors, though mainly black (both the standard black canvas with white trim, and also the "monochrome" all black, for formal occasions). Later I discovered you can custom design Chuck Taylors on the Converse website, and you can still get my 11.5 size that way. I considered ordering a pair or two, but (A) I still have plenty of shoes, and (B) they cost about 50% more than usual.

Then the other night I was discussing Chuck Taylors with [ profile] koroshiya, and she asked if I had ever been to the Converse outlet in Gilroy. Well, no, I wasn't really aware of it. But [ profile] athenais and I were thinking of taking a little day-trip drive, so why not stop by the outlet mall? The bookstore there was a disappointment. And the Converse store wasn't looking all that great; they did have some of the sought-after size 11.5 Chuck Taylors, but apparently only in the common colors, and not very discounted. Good to know, but not what I was really looking for. Then I found the sale corner, and there they were: green plaid Chuck Taylors, size 11.5, and only $19.99. Score!
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